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Praetorian of the Southern Cross, A Tale of the New West

--Praetorian of the Southern Cross, A Tale of the New West

The Story you are about to read is written with great knowledge by a man who has had a journey home; after over 20 years of service and two conflicts, where he thanks God every day for being allowed to return to Arizona. The narrative is supported by reality here on the Border of which many of us who live here can attest to. Those of us, who are involved in the Cattle Business in Southeastern Arizona, live much of what the author describes on a daily basis. We also remain frustrated by the lack of response by the Federal Government, in bringing the lawlessness under control and protecting our Nation. Protecting us from the crimes perpetrated on a daily basis that cover the spectrum of Drugs, Human Trafficking and abuse of Humanity. It is a big business and one that is controlled by very dark powers only interested in financial gain without any concerns of Morality or regard of Human life.

Enjoy this well written narrative, clearly understanding that the story line is based on many events that have occurred along the U.S./Mexico Border. Events that must be addressed now; if we are to remain a proud Republic, a Country of Laws and retain our Freedoms.


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